OrganMaster Shoes

The right shoes on the pedals.

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Customer Testimonials

"I am thrilled with the shoes and I feel that they already have made a difference in my playing. I enjoyed the lightness of the shoes, but also the ability to not slide off the foot pedals and still have the ability to slide to another note. I also appreciate the inch and 1/4 inch heels that are on the shoes. They allow for the ability to play thirds with no problem at all."

J. L., from Minnesota

"I had to write and say thank you for my wonderful organ shoes. I've never had any before, and have always played in my socks. I just received the shoes yesterday, and decided I would be brave and try them today at church without practicing with them first. I figured I'd have a little trouble getting used to them. Wow. I didn't. Playing with them was great. They felt good on my feet, I had no problems finding the notes, and for the first time I could easily play the pedals with my heels. These are great shoes and I'm excited to really break them in!"

C. N., from Utah

Just got my first pair of OM shoes on Monday, and am so incredibly pleased that I am ordering another pair for home practice. I've used Capezio Tap shoes for 35 years now, and didn't know what I was missing! My feet feel so sure on the pedals. Pedal lines that were difficult for me now seem much easier. Thanks!

K. P., from New York

Regarding Covid-19:

We are doing everything in our power to protect the safety of our customers, employees and suppliers by following guidelines from the CDC and WHO such as wearing a mask, cleaning surfaces often, washing hands, not touching one’s face and avoiding close contact with other people. Only one person is processing orders at our store which is officially closed to walk-in customers for the time being.

Shipping Orders:  Your order may take an extra day or two to be processed as we will be understaffed for the coming weeks.  Delivery of your order may also be delayed depending on its destination. For USPS, see International Service Disruptions . For UPS, see Service Alerts.

Regarding receiving your order: The WHO and U.S. CDC have stated that the likelihood of the COVID-19 virus contaminating cardboard or other shipping containers is low.  However,  it is known that the virus can survive for up to 3 days on some objects. Since many people handle your package before it arrives at your house, you can reduce the chance of any contamination by leaving packages alone for several days before touching them.

Returns and Exchanges: There may be a short one-day delay in processing your returns and exchanges while incoming boxes are put in isolation before processing.

Going Forward:  I encourage you to continue supporting your local businesses (if you can safely) through this difficult time and find ways to support your neighbors who may need a grocery delivery or a phone call to keep their spirits up.  I wish you a safe and healthy spring!

Best Regards,

Brenda Sturmer 

Owner of OrganMaster Shoes